Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 11 – Your siblings

I have a lot of siblings.
I'm #8 of 9 kids! It gets a little chaotic, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)
I love my siblings sooooooooo much.
They're pretty much awesome.

I have to talk about them from oldest to youngest, because... Well, that's just how it's always been in my family: Go in order, and you won't have any problems lol

#1 Dawn
I remember growing up knowing that Dawn was my big sister, but not really knowing her. It wasn't until the summer that my family moved to Arizona that I feel like I really got the opportunity to get to know her. When we moved to AZ, both my parents and Dawn and her husband were building houses. So, for about 3 months or so, we lived in the same rental house. Dawn and Derek had the master bedroom with their (at the time) 2 kids, my parents had one bedroom, and I shared a room with 3 of my other siblings as well as one bathroom. It was crazy, but I really did get so close to Dawn. Then, when all our houses were done, she only lived a 10 minute walk away, if even that. She is so awesome and kind and a good friend. She decorated my wedding, and I loved it! She is amazing!

#2 Daye
Daye was the first in our family to get married. She and her husband moved into a little duplex that was in our ward boundaries, so I spent a lot of time with her growing up. She and her husband would take Kylie and I to Chuck-E-Cheeses and let us have sleepovers... It was awesome. I learned that Daye is someone who always has your back, no matter what! She does everything she can to make you feel comfortable, and she gives one AWESOME haircut! She also decorates cakes! She really has a talent for crafty things (one of my many weaknesses).

#3 Aubrey
Aubrey is amazing. I got to know her really well when I went to college. I lived with her off and on during those 2 1/2 years. She is an amazing mom, a wonderful wife, a loyal friend, and one of the greatest big sisters ever. There are some days when I wish I could go back to just living in her basement. That way, I could keep being with her all the time. But, she's not too far away :)

Now, this is the point when I actually get to know my siblings while I was growing up! ;) lol

#4 Matthew
My big brother. He loves his family. He loves his Savior. He loves his God. He is extremely athletic and kind of a punk at times, but he knows where his heart lies. He has been beaten, battered, torn... But he has come back stronger than ever. I remember talking to him once. We were in his truck driving to church. He could see right through the face that I had on. As he shared with me some of his experiences, he just kept telling me to keep going, keep being better. He saved me that day.

#5 Emily
Emily is the most generous person I think I have ever known. She would give you the shirt of her back if you needed it. Literally. She's lent/given me clothes on several occasions. She is fun to be around. She loves kids. She loves her husband. She loves the gospel. And I love her. She always knew how to get me to talk or to make the right choice. There were times when I has having a rough time that she would come into my room, wrap her arms around me, push me against the wall, and stick her nose in my face until I talked or cried! And the thing is... I'm so grateful she did. She has always looked out for me.

#6 Adam
I'm pretty sure that Adam didn't start liking me until after he came home from his mission lol. I'm kidding. But it was after he came home from his mission that we realized how much we had in common and how good of friends we could be. He is a hard worker, a good friend, and an awesome dad :) He will fight to the death for what he knows to be right.

#7 Ian
Ian is my best friend. He and I were kinda outcasted together when we were growing up hahahaha. But, it created a friendship that I wouldn't give up for anything. I don't think he liked me much until I got into jr high, but nonetheless! We have had some awesome times together. He is wise and kind and very loyal. He's a good husband and dad. He has a simple yet powerful testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

#8 (that's me, so we'll skip that)

#9 Kylie
We have been stuck together since she was born and we found out she was a girl. Yep. We had matching outfits and everything up until I went to high school and got the guts to tell my mom that I didn't always like matching Kylie. But Kylie is a loyal friend. You can count on her to help you out of even the toughest of situations. She tries so hard to improve herself. She's talented, athletic, and beautiful (and single, if anyone knows of a cute, LDS guy for her ;) lol)

I have the best siblings. And that's that :)


  1. from how much i know of the siblings i know of yours i was nodding the whole time i was reading. lol i giggled at the end of kylies lol