Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 08 – A moment

A moment...?
We couldn't be any more GENERAL?!!!

What does this MEAN?!!!!

Okay, I will just choose a moment and tell you about it.

When I took out my endowment and walked into the Celestial room for the first time... I knew at that moment what my heaven--God's heaven--was going to be like. I had worked so hard to be there. And when I walked in, the first person I saw was my (at that time) future eternal companion. Bryan smiled, came to me, and hugged me. That was the purest happiness I think I have ever felt. Then, there was my parents. After that, my siblings. And then, my in-laws and dear friends. Those are the relationships and the people that I want to be with forever. And, because of that day, I know I can be.

I know that God lives. That Jesus is the Christ. That through the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, all things are possible including eternal life and eternal families.

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  1. Beautiful! This is also one of my favorite moments, except it was me and Mike. Such an incredible moment.