Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 07 – Your best friend

Well... I have 3 groups of best friends. I know. That's weird. But I do. All these girls I absolutely love, adore, and look up to.

The first, My College Besties

Amy and I met during my first semester of college. She was having a hard day in our PhysSci class and I could tell. So, I walked up to her and asked her if she wanted a hug. And then I invited her over to make brownies. It was a friendship made in heaven :)
So, Amy and I moved in to the same apartment together the next semester. We didn't meet our FHE group for about a month, but when we did, that's when we discovered Kiah. Again, it was basically instant. We asked her to hang out, we planned a triple date together, and it was awesome. Kiah became the third wheel of our cute pink tricycle :) (I like to think that it's pink).
In all of our time together, I have learned so much from them. They also have been my rock when I needed them. And, we do have a pretty good laugh :)

The second, My high school besties
I don't have a picture of all of us together, so I'll just talk about them. Nicole, Suzanne, Alex, and Roselyn.
Nicole was one of the first people that talked to me when I moved to Arizona. She was always nice and fun. A little quiet, but we broke through that ;) She is such a wonderful example. Even though I only heard her bear her testimony aloud twice,
I could always feel it in her actions. And now, she and her husband are sealed in the temple and she's a beautiful mother.
Roselyn was actually friends with Nicole in elementary school, so I met her through Nicole. She is so fun to be around! There were times when I connected with her in so many ways!
Alex was new. When I ran into her while she was getting a tour of our high school, I had the impulse to hug her. That was when I knew she was going to be one of the best friends I'll ever have.
Suzanne was new, too. I remember when we started hanging out with her, I thought, "She is so funny!" And she is. For real. I also knew that she loved the gospel. It just radiated.
They're amazing. Even when we weren't on the same page, we always found a way to pull through.

Third, My new friends :)

Almost everyone is in this picture. The first time I hung out with them was right after Bryan and I started dating. I felt really comfortable with them, which is hard to do when you're the newbie. I'm just grateful for them and just how awesome they all are. I have already learned so much for them and I've known them less than 2 years! I I feel so blessed!

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