Sunday, March 28, 2010


My sweet fiance and I went back up to visit the Burg this weekend! It was a short little road trip but it made me very happy. I love my sweetheart; he is just wonderful. When we started the drive back, he asked me if I had a good time. I smiled and told him that I really did. He then told me that he was so glad I had a good time, because he brought me back to see me happy. He is selfless. I know he loves me when he does things like this. I thought I was kind of helping him since he wanted to get some shots of our favorite places for our wedding video (which he is making himself! How cool is that?! I'm super excited!). But, in all reality, he wanted me to be happy-to find some joy and something to look forward to.
Well, this weekend was a dream! I saw Johannes Brahm's Requiem performed IN GERMAN for the first time in the history of the city of Rexburg. I must say, they did wonderfully! I'm so proud of all my dear friends and former professors that put together this ensemble. I was truly touched by the verses Brahm's chose about the fall, repentance, atonement, and resurrection. I truly felt the spirit of the message it presented.
And then there was the end of the show: I WAS MAULED!!! I FELT LIKE A ROCK STAR! So many hugs, congratulations, hello's, good-bye's... It was just wonderful! I love those people--my people--the Snow-dwellers that became my dearest and best friends.
After that, I visited my old roommates and apartment. It was wonderful, yet odd. It didn't feel like home like it used to. I'm moving further and further away from the thought of going back to BYU-I. I loved it there with all of my heart, but there is so much more for me to do and learn as a wife and a mother.
Then, it was time with my BESTIE FRIEND!!! Oh, how I missed Amy! We stayed up until 3 am talking and laughing and trying desperately to catch up and continued to do so after we woke up the next day. It was so hard leaving, I did everything I could to delay just a little longer. But finally, my sweet Bryan looked at me at about 4 pm and told me it was time to go. I hugged Amy twice. I'm going to miss her, but it won't be long until I see her again.
This weekend was exactly what I needed. I love my sweet fiance. He is my other half.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life is beautiful :)

There have been a few lessons that I have learned lately.

Lesson #1: ALWAYS look at the bright side.
The first few weeks of the month really weighed down on me. I just felt so... blah. I felt like my life wasn't going to go anywhere. Everyday I would go from project to project, work to home, home to work, church and back, and that was it. It was monotonous. And if you know me, I am NOT particularly the person that enjoys routine. Yes, it is good in some areas of life, but not in all areas. I mean, where's the adventure in that?!
Anyway, it wasn't until I was sitting with my sweet fiance telling him that his life DOESN'T suck and that he really CAN enjoy his job if he changes his attitude that I realized... That's what I needed to change my attitude, too. It was so simple! I just needed to see it somewhere else before I could see how it could change my own life. So, I did just that. I started praying for my co-workers and my boss and for the environment that we could create at work. And, honestly, I am really starting to enjoy my job like I used to! It's amazing what a little change of mind can do for your life!

Lesson #2: NEVER hesitate to talk.
I misunderstood something my sweet fiance and I had briefly talked about while we were dating and it has been nagging at me since we got engaged. My sweet fiance and I talked it out and he told me that he never knew I that I felt that way about the whole situation. I realized again how truly blessed I am to have him. We talked everything out and we are more open about our feelings, what's going through our heads, and even how we communicate.

Lesson #3: ALWAYS trust in God; he'll find a way.
"He'll Make a Way" by Byron J. Smith says it best :)

I know the Lord will make a way!
I know the Lord will make a way! Oh, yes!
If you trust and never doubt, he will bring you out!
I know the Lord will make--
I know the Lord will make--
I know! I know! I know! The Lord will make a way!

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a soul like me!
His mercy everlasting, his truth endures,
And he sent his son to set me free!
(Repeat first verse)

He's there and He cares for me!
He cares, and He'll set you free!
Trust and never doubt, He will bring you out!
I know the Lord will make--
I know the Lord will make--
I know! I know! I know! The Lord will make a way!

Make a way! Make a way! Lord, make a way!
Make a way! I know he'll-- (repeat)

Altos 1st - Swing down chariot, God will make a way!
Basses 2nd - My Lord, what a mornin', He'll make a way!
Tenors 3rd - I know my Lord will make a way for you!
Sopranos 4th - Trust in Him, He'll show you the way!

Make a way! Make a way! Lord, make a way!
Make a way! Have mercy! (repeat)

I know the Lord will make--
I know the Lord will make--
I know! I know! I know! The Lord will make a way!