In the Beginning


It was a warm July afternoon and I had driven down the day before from Rexburg to live with my sister for the 7-week break, as I did the previous summer (you BYU-I goers will know what I'm talking about). I liked living with her rather than packing up my whole life and going to Arizona just to go back in less than two months.

But that's beside the point.

The Singles Ward for my sister's stake met at the seminary building just around the corner from her house. I had attended there the previous summer and loved it. The Bishopric was amazing and I had made a couple very good friends. I decided to walk to church that afternoon. Like I said, it was a warm day and, in Utah, walking to church is fairly common.

I decided to wear my bright yellow, 4" pumps... Obviously that slowed down my walk significantly and I meandered in to the meeting about 5 minutes or so late. I sat in the back of the chapel (that also doubled as the Gospel Doctrine classroom and the Relief Society room).

Little did I know that the man I would in a year's time call my husband was sitting on the stand. He was giving a talk that day.

He says that he noticed me as soon as I walked in. I blame the yellow pumps.

The meeting went on and he got up to speak. I remember specifically thinking, "I need to tell that guy he did a really good job on his talk." He spoke about finance and having a budget, which I was NOT good at, and I really felt like I learned something.

At the close of the meeting, I decided to stay in my seat. I saw several faces that I recognized, but my few friends I had made the previous summer weren't at church that day. Since Gospel Doctrine was right after, I figured staying in my seat was the best choice. I mean, who wants to sit in front of a Gospel Doctrine class? (Okay, I do in real life, but like I said! None of my friends were there!)

"Hi. Is that seat taken?"

I looked up and there he was:  the guy who gave the really good talk... My future husband (but I didn't quite know it yet).

"Uh, no! Go ahead!" I moved my legs to the side as Bryan shimmied his way into the seat to the right of me.

"I'm Bryan," he said, putting his right hand out for a shake.

"Kelsey," I took his hand. I was a little skeptical. "I really enjoyed your talk today..." And the conversation started. I'm pretty sure we laughed all through Gospel Doctrine. I don't think I could tell you what the lesson was on that day. But I do remember thinking that this Bryan kid was pretty cool. And he went to BYU-I. Was this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?!

I went to Relief Society (and unknowingly complimented his sister's shirt) and didn't think about the Bryan kid who gave a really good talk. And then, on walking out of Relief Society, he found me. He asked me for my number. And I gave it to him.

And I went home... Not thinking much about the Bryan kid who gave a really good talk... Except that he was cute.

"Aub, I met this guy today. And he asked for my number. I'm going to try and find him on Facebook and show him to you." My sister laughed at me as I went to my lap top and searched for this Bryan kid... To no avail. How did this guy NOT have Facebook?!

I kept thinking about how he was cute for the next little while and then went on with life.


The next night, I was hanging out with an old friend who was in town and my phone rang. It was a number I didn't recognize, but I figured I should answer anyway.

It was the Bryan kid who gave a really good talk! He wanted to go on a date on Thursday. As I danced around my friend's kitchen, I accepted his offer. This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... Or more!

I kinda kept freaking out over the next day or so, as I'd never been to a dinner theatre before. Was I supposed to dress up? What show were we seeing? Was he trying to test my cultural skills? Would I pass?


Wednesday night came with a little excitement:

Text Message... From Bryan...
"There's a group of people playing soccer at Bountiful Elementary. You should come."

I don't play soccer. Let alone with guys I'm trying to impress.

But, my sister encouraged me to get into (and I quote) "cute, sporty clothes" and go to the school, even if all I did was cheer.

So, I did. And it was fun. And we talked after the game. I tried to get him to hang out, but he promised his sister he'd watch Singin' in the Rain with her. Was this love?!

I officially was excited for our date the next night.


I spent probably two hours getting ready for this date, with the taunting of my sister over my shoulder. But, she was very helpful with my outfit. To this day, what I wore on that date is one of Bryan's favorite shirts that I wear.

Bryan picked me up, and we went to the Desert Star. The ride down was thirty minutes of awkward get-to-know-you questions. Not terrible, but not exactly comfortable. I knew I would survive, though. He was cute. We hung out the night before. It's only one date.

We got to the theatre, were seated, and given menus. There are two things that were on the menu at the time:  chicken wrap things or pizza. Well, my favorite food is pepperoni pizza. Could I admit that to the cute guy that was taking me on this really fun date? Maybe.

He began by suggesting the chicken things. I looked straight at him and confessed:  "Look, my favorite food is pizza. Are you okay with that? Maybe we can split one."

I think I won his heart right then and there.

The night went on and we laughed and laughed. The James Bond parody (James Blond!) was hysterical and my introduction to Bryan's obsession with Agent 007. Before the Hoedown that ends the show, one of the actors came out and began making shout outs to people that were in the audience celebrating. There was a bachelorette party, a missionary leaving, several birthdays, an anniversary couple... And then the asked for first date couples.

This will be fun.

I raised my hand, thinking this would be funny and embarrassing. Little did I know how embarrassing.

The man asked us our names, how we met, and poked fun at us for a minute or so. He then stated that the audience would sing to the anniversary couple and us... "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."

Oh goodness.

He then said the anniversary couple would kiss... And then the first date couple would kiss.


I don't kiss on first dates. Begin fits of giggling, blushing, and complete mute-ness as I couldn't figure out how to tell this very cute guy that I did NOT want to kiss him... But, he was a gentleman and didn't. He simply dipped me and put a hand over my mouth.

That definitely broke the ice.


We sang Beauty and the Beast at the top of our lungs for pretty much the whole ride back to Bountiful where we were to meet up with Bryan's friends that we were technically doubling with. Although, we didn't sit with them at the theatre. They went to go get marshmallows and other things to roast over a fire while we waited. Bryan drove up to Bountiful Elementary since we weren't sure where we were going to sit around a fire.

I looked at him and said, "I'm going to teach you how to waltz."

He was hesitant... And I practically dragged him out of the car. But he's happy I did.

We spent the next 15 minutes dancing around an empty parking lot until Andy and Tylene showed up. Andy laughed at Bryan for dancing and we left for the fire pit.

The four of us walked into one of Andy's friends backyards, roasted marshmallows, and swapped war stories. It was fun getting to know them. I could tell that Andy and Tye would be fast friends.

I looked over and saw a tire swing. Looking back now, I can't remember if it was Bryan or I who suggested the swing, but we ended up over there. Bryan was pushing me and we were talking. The flirting went to a new level as he pulled the swing toward him to talk to me. He says that I wanted to kiss him...

Not yet.

It was about 11:30 when we decided to pack up and take me home. He was sweet enough to walk me to the door. We gave each other a (rather large) hug and said goodnight.

The rest is history.

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