Monday, August 30, 2010

So, I'm taking a little dose of Annie in my life...

My dear friend from BYU-I, Annie, does this thing called a mailbag. I'm going to take a stab at it. If it fails, I shall never do it again! If it's not so bad... I still may never do it again lol.

Dear birthday shoes,
I know that Bryan wants to wait and give you to me on my birthday, but I really want to see you. So, me thinks you should just come out of your little packaging and we'll start our beautiful friendship.
Love, Me

Dear BYU,
Thank you for accepting my husband. But NO THANKS for declining me. But, I thought you should know that I'm going to try applying ONE MORE TIME! YES! I WON'T BE STRICKEN DOWN SO EASILY!!!
Love, Me

Dear BYU Film and Media Job Guys,
I just thought you should know that you suck. :)
Love, Me

Dear New Navy Nike Jacket,
Thank you for sneaking into one of our orders so I could have you for free. You're very warm and very comfy. I have a feeling we'll be hanging out a lot.
Love, Me

Dear Pay Check,
Please come to me faster. I have to pay rent Wednesday.
Love, Me

Dear BYU-I Class Registration,
Please open up some of your classes again. I only have 9 credits until I get my AA degree. It would help me out a lot.
Love, Me

Dear Laziness,
Love, Me

Dear bed,
You and I both know that I need to stop sleeping with you so much. Yes, I do enjoy sleeping in til 9:30, but this has GOT to stop.
Love, Me

Okay, Annie... how'd I do?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some inspiration on Sunday morning

My sister sent this to me in an email. It really impacted me. I thought I'd share it with you.

"This painting was unique from its very beginning. It would be great if I could take credit for the composition and message it conveys but in my mind, that would be like Moses taking credit for bring water from the stone in the desert.

"Usually when I have an idea for a painting it starts as a simple seed and it grows as I play with the image in my mind, moving the characters around, imagining the lights and shadows, the values and the colors, eventually deciding on its composition after what might be weeks or even months of pondering and sketches, but this painting was different. There was no seed, no moving of characters, it was totally different.

"I was sitting in church on a Sunday afternoon as the Sacrament was being passed and bang, there it was, the image was instantaneously placed before my mind's eye just as you see it here. This experience has happened to me only three times and it has been very special each time."


Saturday, August 14, 2010


First off, I just want to thank all of those who have been praying for Bryan and I over the last few days. Bryan received emails back from BOTH the jobs he applied for informing him that he will know by the end of next week whether or not he has an interview.
We went to the Provo temple on Friday night for our date night. It was just wonderful to sit in the peace and beauty that is the Lord's house. Bryan and I are really starting to feel that we could start our wedding video business. Bryan has been very diligent with his research and we have worked together with coming up with prices and packages. I really feel like this could work, and I know that it is partially because we have such a loving Heavenly Father that wants us to find JOY IN THE JOURNEY!
I'm starting to get used to the idea of staying at Scoreboard. It works, ya know? Good pay, good coworkers. Yeah, it's going to be stressful, but that's just work. I think that, once Bryan starts making money as well, if I join a dance studio or find a voice teacher, I'll be able to really let go of my stresses.
I got a new calling a few weeks ago; Relief Society music coordinator/assistant pianist. I'm actually really excited. It's getting me back into the groove of playing the piano. It's good to just let go for an hour or two every week (I should probably play more, but I'm a terrible person).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now that I've realized that Vee is the only one who reads my blog...

I just giggle :)
I enjoy writing here, but I don't feel like I do it often enough.
I think God is trying to tell me to stick to Scoreboard because I think I'm getting a promotion. My manager, assistant manager, and I have been talking and when we move into our new store, I'll become the Team Rep for our store. That's kind of a big responsibility, but it comes with a raise... So, yeah. I think I can do it. I'm trying to come up with better organization methods NOW while I have the chance so by the time we move, I can move with full force!
Bryan applied for a few new jobs! I'm just so excited! I really hope he gets one of them. They would help so much with his schooling and his future career in film.
We've been married for 2 months TODAY! Which means, sadly... THANK YOU CARDS. Man, they're annoying! I feel like I'm writing the same thing on every card! How many ways are there to say "Thank you?"
-Thank you
-Thanks so much
That's all I got... Yeah, my cards and really varied.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stewing thoughts...

Well, third time's the charm--but this charm SUCKED. Yes, for the third time, BYU denied me. I cried. My husband held me, and I cried. I want to go to school so bad. I'm pretty much jealous that Bryan gets to go and sit in classrooms and soak up lectures and learn so much, while I go and sit in the back of a hot sports store and slave day after day making jerseys just to pay the next month's rent.
I need a new job.
I want to join a dance studio. I've looked into a few, but haven't really seen any prices yet. I need an hour a week when I can just let out my stresses and feel healthy and get tired because I love my life. I'm just... Well, tired of being tired because of my job. I want to be tired because I'm enjoying my life. I want to be tired because I spent the whole day being crazy with stresses that I can laugh about at the end of the day, not stresses that leave me up at night worrying about losing the only source of income that my little family has right now. I want to be happy. Tired, but happy.
I'm happy when I'm at home.
I'm happy when I'm eating dinner with my husband.
I'm happy when I'm reading my scriptures.
I'm happy when I'm reading Harry Potter.
I'm happy when I'm eating popcorn, curled up on the couch, watching a movie.
I'm happy when I'm with my family.
I'm happy when I'm hanging out with my girlfriends.
I'm happy when I'm singing
I'm happy when I'm talking with my God.
I'm happy when I'm sitting in the bathtub with bubbles half-way up the wall.
I'm happy when I know others are happy.
I'm happy when I'm laughing.
I'm happy when my husband holds my hand when we pray
I'm happy when I can go to sleep knowing that my best friend is laying next to me.
I'm happy knowing that God loves me enough to give me life.
I'm happy when I'm at the temple.
I'm happy when I'm looking at pictures, basking in sweet memories.

Well... I needed that.