Friday, January 1, 2010

uggghhhhh.... MY LIIIIIFE!!!!

On over a week ago, I sent a transcript request form to BYU-Idaho. When looking into this transcript request, the directions aid that the fastest way to get my transcripts sent to my desired school was to do it online. So, I went to my homepage and requested for them. Naturally, I knew that because I was requesting them around the holidays, it would probably take a while and when the website told me they probably wouldn't be sent until New Year's Eve, I was okay with that. I felt a little better when it said that I wouldn't have to pay postage or anything to get them sent because they would be sent electronically. So, I've been waiting to see if BYU-I has sent them and if BYU has recieved them... Nothing.
I'm a little peeved. I selected the NOW option when sending my transcripts and it guaranteed me that they would be sent YESTERDAY. Yeah, nothing. BYU-Idaho needs to get on their game.