Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween: My FAVORITE time of year

Sometimes you need to take 2 hours and do mindless crafting to bring in your favorite holiday

Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Interesting Place

I'm going to be very real for the next few paragraphs.

When Bryan and I got married almost 2.5 years ago, I was in a really good place. Mentally I was sound, spiritually I was focused, physically I was fit, and emotionally I was balanced. But it began to fade a little after the end of year one.
I stopped going to school.
My scriptures became dusty.
Working out became a scarcity and random.
Crying turned into an almost daily occasion.

I've gotten back to school. I don't cry as much, and only when it is healthy. But my body is tired and I'm losing all capacity to keep it healthy. God is becoming a stranger and my scriptures are still neglected.

That scares me.

I like to think of myself as an "athletic" person.
I love to dance.
I don't mind running.
I like playing sports.
But I have lost all desire to do those things.
Bryan is constantly asking me if I'm going to go to the gym with him, to keep him company and help him with weights when he needs it. I find myself not even considering or wagering. My response has been for the last little while a straightforward NO.
Where does this come from?
When we were dating, I'd go. The same when we were engaged. When we got married, I told him that I didn't like going to the gym, but I still danced regularly. We even got me some Zumba DVD's for those days when I didn't have time or the capacity to come up with my own workout.

But now... Nothing.

I have faith.
I feel the Spirit.
I try to remember that all things come from God--and thank Him for those things.
I keep a prayer in my heart.
I listen to uplifting music.
But how often do I get on my knees? A number that I am ashamed of.
How often do I read my scriptures? Not enough, for certain.
Our ward is doing a Book of Mormon Reading Challenge:  2 chapters or 4 pages a day from Sept 1st-Dec 31st. How far have I gotten since day 1? 1 Nephi Chapter 8. That's maybe 20 pages in. I've got a lot of catching up to do and a lot of changing to do if I want to make this part of my life.

I want to feast on life again. My sister-in-law wrote about me on her blog right after Bryan and I got engaged about how excited I was about life and how I loved the Gospel. Do I have that anymore? I like think that I do...

This isn't a bad place that I'm in. I know I'm blessed, more than I deserve. God is a gracious God for blessing someone as imperfect and lazy as I am.

I'm just in an interesting place.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thank you, Mr. Disney

Today is my birthday.

Disneyland's facebook page was nice enough to post this for me.

Thank you, Mr. Disney.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

School. Music. Life.

I live in a time where I have to go to school so I can do what I want.

So, here I am.

Going to UVU.

And loving it. :)

I think that I needed to go back to school when I did because I was going  crazy just working all the time. I feel like the store has been such a mess this summer and I barely survived it. But being able to sing every day and talk about music like it's a way of life (because it IS!) just makes me happy.

There are 3 audition choirs on campus: Women's choir, the Masterworks Chorale, and the Chamber Choir. I was in Women's choir all last year and loved every second of it! Singing in an all-female chorus is such a unique experience. I also loved all the women I sang with and our director is fabulous! This year, however, with work, I could  only audition for the Masterworks Chorale. I went into my audition and could hardly look at Cherilyn (the Women's Choir director) because I was so sad. But as I finished my audition, Dr. Criddle looked and me and asked, "Are you sure you don't have time for 2 choirs? I would have called you back for Chamber." A-what?!! Chamber Choir is the "elite" choir on campus. Normally, Dr. Criddle picks choir voices for that group. This year, however, he's changing it up a bit:  the choir is going to China in the spring so he wanted to gather up the good voices in the vocal department. So, it's official: Dr. Criddle thinks I'm GOOD. That was definitely a confidence booster for me, as it's hard to please him.

I'm so excited to be working with Tyler again this year in voice lessons. His wife (who is a contralto) is now teaching voice lessons on campus, so I considered moving to her studio. Plus, she's awesome and who wouldn't want to be Val's student?! Anyway, I felt, though, that Tyler really pushed me to find my soprano voice. I have a dark color and a wide vibrato, so most voice teachers have put me in the mezzo-soprano category. But the thing is... I can hit an E above the staff. Yes, folks. That is 3 ledger lines above the staff. B above the staff is a comfortable soprano note. I can hit it. Comfortably. I like singing low and jazzy in choirs because it pushes my range lower (I can sing tenor better than most tenors, lets be honest here), but I love crooning above the staff.

Ok, nerd moment over...

Bryan and I are putting together a small business plan so I can start teaching voice and piano lessons. I need to be singing every day, all the time. Teaching will help me do that :) I think we'll start small--just Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday teaching while I work part-time at the store and still go to school. When I get enough students, then I can go to work and tell them, "It's been real, but I'M OUTTA HERE!" (I'm still working on the exact script, but you get the idea).

Bryan is turning into a real freelancer. Yes, ladies and gent's:  He's made a COMMERCIAL. And, he just book ANOTHER commercial through the same advertising company. They really like him. Hopefully this means that he'll get all their small projects (6-8 per year) and then we'll be able to finally start saving for a new car, a condo, and a baby (not pregnant).

Here's the 30 second spot, if you haven't already seen it on TV:

Yes, my super awesome, amazingly talented hubby did that. I'm so proud :)

My family is going to Disneyland in October. My whole family. That's all 8 of my siblings, spouses, grandkids, and my cute parents. Bryan and I are trying to figure out if we're going or not. I really want to go, but money is tight and we're trying to figure out if it's just the right time.... I sure hope we can go. I love seeing my family and I don't get to see them very often. And plus, it's the happiest place on earth! Where Bryan and I honeymooned over 2 years ago!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shabby Apple

I don't know if you've ever been to Shabby Apple.

But if you haven't perused it, I suggest you should.

It makes me wish I had more money, but I sure do love their clothes!

A blog I follow is doing a giveaway for a $75 gift certificate.


Anyway, happy Friday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay, I needed another laugh

I dare you NOT to smile, giggle, or anything else that entails happiness while watching this:

[Thursday] Things .... On Friday

Well, just a few things on my mind today. Hopefully I can sum up the week, considering I haven't posted in a while... Don't worry! I have a funny waiting at the end for you :)

- My manager is back from vacation and I've found my brain again! It's been quite lovely

- I'm starting to get used to the fact that our car no longer has air conditioning. As much as I don't like t, I'm getting used to it

- I need to find a good Alfredo Chicken pizza recipe. Or try ad make one up myself. I can't afford to go to CPK or Pizza Pie Cafe every time I want one...

- I've come to the realization that I am NOT a morning person. Heaven help me when I have children someday...

- I still have to post a pic of my new hair... I'll get to that

- I found out on Wednesday (?) that my 2nd oldest sister and her cute family are going to be here this weekend! Woot woot!!!

- Last night we saw The Dark Knight Rises as midnight... All in all, a little disappointing. I enjoyed it, it was entertaining. But just a little disappointing

- I get to see Wicked in Saturday with my 3rd oldest sister!!! I'M SO EXITED, I COULD DIE!!!!!!!

Anyway, happy Friday. Go find your hilarious friend to be with this weekend :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

[Friday] Funnies

Well, it's Friday.
The one half-day I get at work this week
The day Bryan and I go to the temple
The day that might cause me to rip my hair out a little

BUT! I must remember the little things and just laugh.

Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

[Thursday] Things

Today is a day that I need to take some time and just vent about some things... Or be grateful. It's going to be a little bit of both.

- I'm grateful for my job, but it's driving me a little bit crazy this week. Tomorrow I only work a half day so that will basically save me.

- We're going to the temple tomorrow. Thank goodness.

- I'll be done with most of my big jobs at work by tomorrow afternoon, which is comforting

- I got my financial aid awards for school. Grateful, but not totally happy. I'm wondering if getting my bachelors is going to be worth all this someday

- I dyed my hair this last weekend. I love it :) pictures to come, I promise!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[Tuesday] Tunes

The music video is hilarious, but the song is kinda how I'm feeling right now.

Thank you Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet for singing my feelings.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The 4th of July... On the 3rd.

Since I'll be sitting in a car all day tomorrow, I figured I'd talk a little bit about why 

i love america.

I come from a strong military background.
Both of my grandpas served in World War II, one receiving a purple heart.
Three of my mom's brothers served in Vietnam.
My dad and all three of his brothers served in some branch of the military.
My dad spent about 3 years in Thailand. 
A year of that time was spent engaged and married to my mom.
Bryan sometimes talks about joining the Army, if movies don't work out.
It terrifies me, but--to be completely honest--I wouldn't be a more proud wife than to have a soldier as a husband.
I have several friends who, upon graduating high school, joined the military.
It makes my heart so grateful for the sacrifice.

I know that this country was built upon a foundation of our forefathers,
in the hopes that its freedoms will never break down.

I was told once to uphold all the laws and rights in this country, so that this chosen land will prosper through to the last days and to the second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
I take that very seriously.

Every time I have sung The Star-Spangled Banner, my heart is filled with pride.
Every time I see veterans leading out the parades on the morning of Independence day, 
I weep with gratitude.

I love my country.
Let freedom ring.

God Bless America.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm addicted to Instagram

1. Nerd glasses
2. Nostalgia
3. My big old' earrings (my newest love)
4. The new favorite "not so Christmas-y" Christmas song
5. Legit
6. Over-achiever
7. The best advice-givers
8. My favorite <3

There's a Birthday Boy in the House...

I feel like everything I've blogged about over the last few posts has been kinda mushy.

What can I say? I freakin' LOVE my super hot hubby! ;)


Speaking of that super attractive man I get to see every day....

His birthday is coming up! 


It's going to be action-packed and I'm feeling quite proud of myself for my plans.

I (unfortunately) have to work that morning, but that doesn't affect any of the madness!

I've got him 4 presents (which I will NOT announce on here because, believe it or not, he reads this!) which will be presented to the birthday boy throughout the day.

That evening at 5:30 pm. we will be going to the Desert Star Playhouse in Murray.

This is where we went on our first date 
(you'll have to scroll down to get to it. you'll see when you look at the post).

Yes, the same dinner theatre.

And, to make it EVEN BETTER, we're going with the same friends we doubled with almost 3 years ago!

I'm so excited!
Bryan's excited!
That's all that matters!

I love birthdays :)

Pictures will come following the madness of that day.
For now, enjoy this song that I dedicate to the birthday boy 
(He's gonna be a star someday. And I'll be his Debbie Reynolds. Yes, I'm being mushy again)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A New Life Started and 2 Years Celebrated (lots of pics!)

Exactly 1 month before my 2 year anniversary, one of my best friends from BYU-Idaho got married in the Denver, CO LDS Temple
It was a crazy, action-packed weekend
I will never wax... AGAIN!
All in all, it was nice to be with my best friends for 5 days
We're pretty stylish

Waiting to go inside.

The bride and groom when they came out of the temple

Yep. That's us.

One of the best families EVER!

Mama D :)

The bridal party

Kiah got a free donut from Krispy Kreme because she just got married!

I kind of LOVED their outfits. These boys are STUDS!

I was quite jealous of the photographer's golashes

Kiah drew the chalk pictures 

The pinwheel arch - made by Kiah and her momma. This is where they greeted their guests.

My blown-out pic of our lunch box treats! It was so cute!

Cute little favors (I won the '80's "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" game)
Then, exactly a month later, Bryan and I celebrated 2 years by doing sealings in the Timpanogos Temple

The following Saturday, we had (what we affectionately called) our
anniversary day!
We went to the Grand America hotel for breakfast
That's a milk chocolate mustache!

Took an adventure at the Salt Lake City Library

We climbed all the way down from the rooftop!
 Ventured around the Planetarium (which is FREE, btw!)
I always knew Bryan wasn't from around here...

Goodbye, Earth! I'm gonna go live on the moon!

This is why I wanna move to the moon.
 And we SHOPPED! Well, I shopped. I love City Creek.
I'm trying to be my idol [Audrey Hepburn] in this picture.
Too bad City Creek doesn't have a Starbucks :(
So much fun. So exhausting. Can't wait for next year!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm supposed to be grocery shopping

But instead I'm blogging.... It's a good thing Wal Mart is open 24 hours...

Anyway, yesterday was Father's day.

I feel like it should been like "Priesthood Appreciation Day"

I love my husband.
My 21st birthday gift - Mary Poppins!
I'm just so grateful to have him in my life.
He's my best friend.
He's a wonderful example.
He's an amazing friend.
He's a talented film maker.
He's a gifted singer.
He's one of the most driven people I've ever met.
He's a very uplifting person.
He has a relationship with our Father in Heaven.
He has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He is my saving grace, my best friend. The father of our future children (no, I'm not pregnant).

Anyway, happy father's day to my wonderful husband. 

I love you most.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Crazy Years

Two years ago today, I made the best decision of my life:
I married him.
Right after we were sealed for time and all eternity

This journey has given me so much.

Most of all...

Love for a man who is my best friend, my greatest example, and my greatest joy.

Our song is "Falling Slowly" by The Frames.
It just seems to fit.
It's about 2 strangers who find one another and fall in love.
Falling in love saved them.

That's our story.

It's not traditional at all, but it's ours and I love it.

These two crazy years have been the best of my life.
Lucky for me, I get to do this for the rest of my life and throughout all eternity.

I love you, Bryan.
Happy Anniversary.

ps. Happy 2 year anniversary to Stacylyn and Zach! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I guess I was worrying a little too much...

Last night went like this:

Bryan:  Have you checked out or kickstarter page today?
Me: I've been avoiding it all day, to be honest.
Bryan: Well, you should.
Me: Why can't you just tell me?
Bryan: You just need to see it for yourself.
Me: (walks over to laptop. Turns it on. Goes to kickstarter page) $1,000?!!!

Yes, people. It's crazy, but it's happening.

Be part of something BIG!
Make the pledge!

On to normal life things....

Work has been insane!
We're doing our big semi-annual sale right now and it has been the BUSIEST semi-annual sale I have been a part of in my 3 years at my job.
But it's been good because we need the business.

I miss school. The end.

Bryan's work is absolutely crazy, too. They have a bunch of shoots going on right now, locally and all over the country, and Bryan has been alone in the camera room for about 3 weeks now because his boss is shooting and his co-worker is on set with the boss.
Poor Bryan, he gets calls all the time from people asking about check-outs. But he doesn't mind. It just gives him more to do.

Lately, I've been listening to/reading the General Conference talks from this last April. I worked all day on that Saturday, so I never got to hear the talks. It has been a sweet blessing and experience reading the words of the prophets. It helps me know that the heavens are opened; that God did not and will not leave us alone. He wants to give us guidance and show us that he has infinite concern for us. I know that one of the ways our Father in Heaven does this for us is by giving us prophets and apostles who know the needs of the Church and of the world. They are good men who love God and the gospel.

Things are going... Just going. I hope I can keep up.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And So It Begins...

It's starting...

We have 30 days to raise $12,000.

Will you make the pledge?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I feel so NERVOUS!

So, Bryan has been working SO hard on a script, a business plan, and a Kickstarter campaign for about 6 months now.

In the next 48 hours, we launch our Kickstarter campaign.

Tonight, I talk to several siblings and friends about how to pledge and help make our dream a reality.


I'm the kind of person whose mind always goes to the worst-case-scenario.

This is slowly turning into one of those moments.

You see, people look at Bryan and I and think we're crazy.

Yes, Bryan quit school.
Yes, I'm working full-time and going to school so Bryan can be home more to work on this whole thing.
Yes, we're taking some huge risks starting this business.

But let me just say this:

When you look down on us-- and vocalize it, for that matter-- for taking a chance on our dreams now when we have the time and motivation to do it, it doesn't help.

You know what does help though? Support. Any support you can give.

So, this is why talking to my siblings and friends is becoming scary...
I'm afraid they don't believe in us enough to make the pledge.

Can I ask my readers something?

Don't you want to be part of something that could change someone's life?

When it's live, I'll post a link to our Kickstarter page so you can be part of something that will change not just our lives, but everyone's who is involved in this project...

If you want to, follow our journey here.

Believe in us. It sure is a lonely road to making your dreams come true.

_ _ _ 
I'm sorry this post is kind of bi-polar and not really me, but it's how I'm feeling right now...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Loving Memory

The first final that I took was the scariest one of all:

Group Piano I 

A B- is failing in this course, so obviously I was intimidated.

But Dr. Hansen was always there to remind me that I was working hard and doing my best.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Hansen gave birth to a beautiful  baby girl. But, it was because of that birth, she died of infection.

Her husband is now left with their 3 children to raise on his own, without a job.

I don't have much to give, but I'm giving. 

I ask if you have a moment, to take a look at this blog. Read her story. Make a donation.

If you don't have the means to donate, that's okay.

Take the challenge that Dr. Hansen's sweet sister-in-law gives:  post about it.

Any and all "donations" help.

As most of you know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church. Dr. Alice Hansen was also a member.

One of the defining beliefs in our religion lies with our temples. There, we know that families are sealed for time and all eternity. Not til death do us part. 
So, even now, as many people are mourning and suffering over Alice's death, there is some comfort.
We will see her again.
She will be with her husband and children again in the eternities.

_ _ _ _ 
If you have any questions about the temple or our beliefs in eternal families, please feel free to send me a message, post a comment, or give me a call. 
Or, you can visit or 
You can also contact the local LDS missionaries in your area.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Today was my first day off that was a weekday...


It was kind of amazing. I feel so accomplished today!

Bryan and I got Costco cards. Yep, we're adults. :)

I took Bryan to work.

Went grocery shopping (and the sun was out! I don't think I've gone to the store before 9 PM in like a year!)

Cleaned the apartment.

Picked up Bryan from work.

Got new cups for my kitchen.

And now, I'm relaxing at home. And it's awesome. So awesome, I'm blogging.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The First Half of the First Week of May

aka The Half of the First Week of H-E-DOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKS!

Sunday was just a rundown of the madness that would be this week.
Monday wasn't too bad. Not extraordinary, but not unbearable.
Tuesday I got the flu. yay.
Wednesday I got my hours shortened at work not just for that day but for Thursday also.
Thursday I found out that I won't be able to attend an amazing opportunity to get private German lied coaching from an amazing German soprano because of Wednesday's problems and a shift mix-up.

So far, this week has basically been crap. In small words.

But here's to better things:

This morning, I'm having breakfast with my amazing friends from school as a "Hoorah to the end of the semester! Here's to a wonderful summer!" send off. Nothing like food and giggling with your friends for a few hours to make your worries go away.
Tonight, I'll get off work and still have time to make it to the ward party. Again, hanging out with my friends at a carnival: not too bad.
Friday night, Bryan and I will prep for our crazy weekend. Hopefully, I'll have pictures and lots of stories to share about that.

Less than a WEEK til I go to Colorado for my best friend's wedding.
Three days til I see my mommy :)

Until next time, my friends!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Remember how I disappeared for, like, 4 months?

Hi friends.

I know, I know, I've been slacking. But, hey! What do you expect from me? Sometimes I'm good and oftentimes I'm terrible. Just be grateful you're getting an update now! Ha! :)

This semester was one of the best semesters of my college career. Hands down. I feel like I excelled so much more than I ever have and had so many opportunities opened up to me that made me a better person and performer. It's been such a phenomenal experience! I love UVU!

I took the Opera Workshop class (OpShop for short) this semester. It made me realize so much more how I love performing. And how I am not one who would do well in a classroom with students, but rather in a studio. I know, it's crazy. I love teaching. Really, I do. But honestly, if I'm going to do what I love all the time, the best way for me to make a living and do that would to be to teach privately. So, that's happening. Bryan and I are working on putting together a little "business plan" type thing for me to bring around and start getting voice and piano students.

Anyway, going back to OpShop and why I wanted to talk about that in the first place:
1. I LOVE GERMAN. I'm convinced that when Schubert was composing anything for high voice, my voice was the one singing in his head. And the language is just so lovely! (Yes, with the hacking and all).
2. I was cast as Dorabella for the Cosi fan Tutte scene. SO. MUCH. FUN. I would do it again a million times if I could. And, my Fiordiligi was (who am I kidding? IS.) AH. MAZE. ING. I want to be her when I grow up. For realsies.
This class made this semester so worth it. I mean, I took good classes that I enjoyed and learned a lot from. But this experience was one that literally changed my life. It makes me see the Lord's hand in my life so much more when I can recognize the blessings instead of thinking about the trials. I love my Father in Heaven! I love my Savior! They are so wonderful to me!

Bryan is doing great! Work is treating him well, he's working on a script, we're putting together a kickstarter campaign... There really isn't much more we can say besides The Lord blesses those who have faith in Him and who do all that they can do. It's awesome.

Life is good. It's even grand. I'm trying to be better about writing on here because I can say so much more here than I can anywhere else.