Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm trying to find something to blog about....

... but nothing is really coming to me right now, so I'm just going to start unloading onto this post for a moment:

She never really knew what it was going to be like until it happened. She had heard stories for years; some good, many horrible. It was something that was exciting for the first few months of the engagement and became ordinary for the last few. Then, it came.
That morning, Kelsey woke up early--really early. She opened her eyes quickly and wide, taking in every bit of light that was in that room. 3:30 am seemed so early before today. Now, it just seemed moments before she would be leaving for the hairstylist, make-up artist, and then to the temple. Sitting up was just as easy as opening her eyes, surprisingly. As she jolted up, she turned to her left where her best friend and bride's maid slept soundly. Amy apparently didn't feel a thing. The little bit of light that was glowing in the room came from Kelsey's cell phone that lay screen up on the nightstand next to the bed. She grabbed it and wondered whether or not Bryan would be awake. He'll get it when he wakes up, if anything, she thought to herself and sent her thumbs typing:
Don't forget to get to the temple early for pictures. I love you.
After finishing, she watched the screen as it glowed red with white writing that told her the progress of her message's travel.
Okay, she thought to herself, what to do now... As she contemplated what might be a good activity for the next two hours, the screen of her phone gave a purple hue to the room. Already? she thought as she reached over to pick up her phone. The name "Honey" glowed on the screen as she opened the text:
I know, baby. I love you, too.
It made her glad to know that she wasn't the only one that couldn't sleep that night and she wondered if she would ever be able to catch up as she began to text back and forth with her soon-to-be husband for the next hour and a half.
Six in the morning came too soon. Kelsey slowly got out of bed, packed those things she wouldn't need today, dressed, and left to her hairdresser's house.
Daye was the only one awake as Kelsey walked up to the house and waited for the door to be unlocked. As she opened the door, Kelsey's 2nd oldest sister looked a little stressed and tired. Did she lose sleep as well? Kelsey felt a little guilty after her thought of relief as, once again, she was not the only one.
"Go sit down and let me get my stuff," said Daye as she walked upstairs to get the curling iron and other such things to do Kelsey's hair. Kelsey walked past the stairs directly into the kitchen where Daye's small in-home single hair station was set up. As Kelsey sat down, she examined herself in the vanity mirror. I don't look like a bride... Or feel like one, at that. Daye came bustling down the stairs and plugged in the iron and set down various pins and such.
"How are you feeling?" she said and placed her hands on Kelsey's shoulders, lowering her face by Kelsey's ears.
"Tired," Kelsey said, honestly. "I didn't get much sleep last night; about 4 hours or so..." And Daye began her magic. Kelsey always loved getting her hair done by her big sister. Daye ALWAYS seemed to do it just right. About half way through, someone came through the door. Kelsey looked into the mirror and saw her brother, Adam, walking in with a camera.
"So, I'm just going to get a few shots of you getting your hair done and we'll do a mini interview type thing and then I'll head over and do the same at Bryan's," Adam began as he crouched down and placed the camera to his eye. He filmed Daye, Kelsey's bouncing foot, and asked Kelsey how she was doing. Kelsey was already feeling redundant as she repeated what she had just told Daye not a half hour before.
After Adam left, Daye finished. Kelsey looked in the mirror and thought out loud, "It's perfect. I love it." It was elegant and exactly what she imagined and more. While they were trying to decide where to place Kelsey's veil, the door opened again and this time not so quietly.
Dawn and Aubrey came bustling into the kitchen, make-in hand and half singing, "Happy Wedding Day!" The compliments began to soar about Daye's work and Kelsey's three oldest sisters began gibbering about what to do next.
"How are you wearing your veil?"
"Do you want it here?"
"Where is it best?"
"Where do YOU want it?"
"Just tell us where you want it!"
And she snapped.
"Why are you crying?!" Dawn said as she dabbed at Kelsey's cheeks.
Kelsey burst into tears and she didn't know why. Aubrey, who had been applying Kelsey's make up, began scrambling for a tissue as to save her recent work on Kelsey's base.
"Is it your veil? Are you stressed?" said Daye, again laying her hands on Kelsey's shoulders.
"Did you sleep okay?" Aubrey said as she began to dab at Kelsey's tear-stricken face.
"I'm just really tired," Kelsey whispered with more tears rolling.
"Okay," Daye said, picking up Kelsey's veil again, "Let's put it here. Is that alright?" Daye placed the comb of the birdcage veil behind Kelsey's bangs and let the cage fall over the perfectly done french roll.
"Okay," Kelsey mustered without shedding another tear.
Aubrey finished Kelsey's make-up and as she left, Kelsey was hugged by her big sisters. "We'll see you at the temple," Dawn whispered into Kelsey's ear.
Back at her parents' house, Kelsey got into her wedding dress. The drive to Mesa was an hour long and she didn't know how much time she would have to get ready once they got there. She made sure to eat breakfast and then walked into her mom's room.
Dad was gone (where he went, Kelsey had no idea) and Mom was in the bathroom.
"Mom?" Kelsey whispered as she walked in. "Are you ready?"
"Hi beautiful." Kelsey's mom said as she looked at her daughter.

Okay, idk if I can finish that right now... To be continued...

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So, we filmed this weekend and it was a FREAKIN' BLAST!!! It was different for me because last time we made a movie together, I was acting. This time, I was part of the crew and it was just as much fun if not MORE fun! I loved being in that environment and I loved seeing my cute hubby in his element. I was so grateful for everyone who came and helped, too. There was SUCH a good turn-out and we got it done ahead of schedule. Good times. Great oldies. Pics coming soon; just one pic, actually. We never really got around to taking tons of pictures, but if anything I want to post the final movie on here for my readers' enjoyment... For those of you who actually read my blog... Which there are not very many, but NONETHELESS! I am grateful :)
I wore my Jack Skelington dress to church today in honor of Halloween (see picture from honeymoon for what I am talking about). Sharon noticed it and made me feel cool :)
I should be hearing back about my job interview sometime this week. I need to buck up the courage and talk to my manager about my hours because if I don't get this other job, I need to get a new job altogether... Which scares me... A lot.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More pics?!!! Who knew!

So, turns out that Bryan put my birthday pictures on the desktop computer rather than the laptop. Go figure.



Bryan was holding the camera and singing to me. This was my (cup)cake :)

Oh man. Update. Much needed.

It's been a while since I've been on. I know I'm terrible, but HEY! I have a life, too!!! Not that I'm telling people who blog regularly that they don't have lives because then they wouldn't have anything to blog about. Right. Anyway.

So, Update:
Bryan got the job at LDS Motion Picture Studios! WOOT DIGGITY!!! It's just been fabulous and stinkin' amazing for him (and for me because now he has something he likes to do and he's not complaining as much. Poor guy, I didn't put up with it very well). He works in the camera/equipment check-out room where he basically does what I just said: checks out cameras/equipment. BUT, lucky for him, he works under the DP -- that's Director of Photography; took me about a week or so to figure it out, so I thought I'd clarify to those that were reading so you wouldn't have to look at that sentence a million time's trying to figure out what "DP" meant. You're welcome.
ANYWAY, so George is DP which means if he needs help on set, my cute hubby gets to go and help. YEAH! WAY COOL! He's gotten to go on set twice already and it's just been awesome for him and he's in heaven on those days. I love him so much.

I took tours at both UVU and BYU and I haven't really gotten a good idea about either school. I'm planning on meeting with advisors soon and then I hope to decide which school I'd rather go to. I plan on trying out for scholarships in the winter and hopefully that will pull and whether or not I get accepted. If I don't, then I'll just continue working and supporting my cute hubby until I get another opportunity to go to school (whenever that will be).

I had the most wonderful experience last week that made me realize how important it is to have faith in our savior, Jesus Christ. He will take care of us. It isn't a matter of maybe, but a matter of, "Am I going to let him suffer more than he already has by doubting him?" God takes care of all his children. We need to have faith and know that the atonement is real. We need to believe Christ when he says, "Take my yoke upon thee, and I shall give thee rest." I can do anything through the mercy and love of God and Christ. They love me and they help me continue on through life.

Now, PICTURES!!! They're like, really late, but here they are!
Disneyland! Day 1 of Honeymoon

Disneyland, Day 2!

LA temple, Day 4

One of Bryan's pictures from on set for the extended scenes of "Joseph Smith: the Prophet"

Sorry for those of you who wanted to see pics of my bike. Apparently, our camera erased ALL of the pictures from my birthday. Yes, ALL of them. :( *sniffles......