Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm in love...

With Oakhurst Apartments :) lol

But really. Bryan and I have been apartment hunting for a little while, seeing as we live in BYU student housing currently and soon enough, we won't be BYU students anymore so we can't live here much longer....
We found a couple that we like. We saw one on Tuesday and their prices shot WAAYYYYY up. Yeah.
No bueno.
And all their fees and deposits and what-not are NON-REFUNDABLE!
Whaaaa?? Yeah.
L. A. M. E.

So... about $500 down the drain was pretty much out of the question.

When we first got to Oakhurst this morning, I wasn't too sure about it. But then she brought us to the "model home" apartment... And... I'm in love :)
It comes with storage, a porch, washer/dryer hookups, a HUGE bathroom, and a really good sized master bedroom. The second bedroom is pretty good sized as well, which means we may be getting another futon or a nice blow-up mattress for when people stay with us, that way they don't have to sleep in the living room. YE-YEAH!

Anyway. I am excited.
But, we're still considering just buying a condo.
I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I just love this pic.
Thought I'd share.
This is from when we went and hiked the Y in Provo.

Games People Play... :)

So, our dear friends the Haygoods and the lovely Brittanie came down to hang out with us!!!
I dearly love them.
They're fabulous. :)

Anyway, Tye introduced us to this new game called


It's super fun.
If you like Scum, it's like that... But on steroids.
Totally recommended :)

This card trumps all. THE GREAT DALMUTI CARD!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So, I don't normally do this...

I entered a giveaway on i believe in unicorns! They're for these ADORABLE tights! Check out the post here. There is a very likely chance that I won't win this one, but hey! It's worth a shot, right???

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A much needed update.


It's been a while.
Can't you tell that I'm working full-time and taking 12 credits?!!!

Hi. I'm Kelsey. And I don't think I'll be making it to my 21st birthday.
Holy hannah!

Anyways, the last time I posted was, like, a MONTH ago!!! So, we must recap :)

My brother-in-law got married in March!! (woot-woot!) I wish I had pics, but facebook won't let you save images anymore :( boo.
But it was so beautiful! Leah--the blushing bride--asked me to do her hair and help her get in and out of her dress at the temple and for the reception. It was such an honor! I love this girl to DEATH! We are so similar, it's kind of awesome :) We did a traditional South African dance to introduce the wedding party, there was dancing, good treats... It was just all around a grand ol' party!

We had our FIRST Easter as a married couple this year, and my little sister came!!! It made me so happy to have Kylie here with us!

The Easter Bunny came a day early with our baskets... (She must have known we would be spending Sunday with Bryan's family **winks**)Bryan wanted the soccer ball, Kylie wanted a monkey, and I thought the little bumble bee's were too cute to resist. SO AWESOME! :)
I made us breakfast burritos Saturday morning and Kylie helped me set up my Skype. I felt so old trying to maneuver it. She was laughing at me half the time, I swear!
The afternoon rolled around and we took Kylie to the BYU vs. Colorado State Softball game!
It started totally pouring rain, but we had SO MUCH FUN! BYU dominated, so the game ended in the 5th inning. We curled up in our blankets, ate hotdogs and pretzels, and cheered on our Cougars! So fun!


After the game, there was a meet-and-greet with the team! They handed out posters to everyone who came down to the clay and the team signed them.

Livin' the dream!!!
Then we went back to the apartment to color eggs! But we ran into a problem...
I didn't know that you needed vinegar for the egg dye. So, we ended up making faces :)

Then I started school. I'm taking 12 credits. Online. Again. You'd think I would have learned my lesson. Oh well... I have 2 A's, 2 B's, and 1 C so far (I'm working on that C. It needs to get higher!)

My nephew Tristin was blessed on May 1st. He's getting so big! It was also fun to see most of my family that weekend. I missed my mom and dad.

Eliza asked me to do her hair for her FIRST EVER PROM!!!! Her dress was amazing and she looked amazing! It was kinda fun watching her come down the stairs and seeing her date's reaction. His jaw basically dropped and he said, "Wow! You look amazing!" It was fun :)

Today was my first REAL day off in about 2 months. Every time I've had a day off from work, something was going on with the family; wedding, baby blessing, prom, blah blah blah... ANYWAY, Bryan and I went and hiked the Y --which is hard but SO FUN--but on the way down, it started POURING rain and we got SOAKED!!! It was pretty funny :) After getting home and cleaned up, we went to the mall for a bit and got me my 16-bar audition book (more on that later). Then we came home and I finished homework. It was a good day.

Tomorrow I will give my first lesson as a Relief Society teacher in my ward. I'm super excited! I've missed teaching! I'm a little nervous, but I know that the Lord will bless me and those that are in my class to have the Spirit and be inspired to teach one another.