Saturday, September 8, 2012

School. Music. Life.

I live in a time where I have to go to school so I can do what I want.

So, here I am.

Going to UVU.

And loving it. :)

I think that I needed to go back to school when I did because I was going  crazy just working all the time. I feel like the store has been such a mess this summer and I barely survived it. But being able to sing every day and talk about music like it's a way of life (because it IS!) just makes me happy.

There are 3 audition choirs on campus: Women's choir, the Masterworks Chorale, and the Chamber Choir. I was in Women's choir all last year and loved every second of it! Singing in an all-female chorus is such a unique experience. I also loved all the women I sang with and our director is fabulous! This year, however, with work, I could  only audition for the Masterworks Chorale. I went into my audition and could hardly look at Cherilyn (the Women's Choir director) because I was so sad. But as I finished my audition, Dr. Criddle looked and me and asked, "Are you sure you don't have time for 2 choirs? I would have called you back for Chamber." A-what?!! Chamber Choir is the "elite" choir on campus. Normally, Dr. Criddle picks choir voices for that group. This year, however, he's changing it up a bit:  the choir is going to China in the spring so he wanted to gather up the good voices in the vocal department. So, it's official: Dr. Criddle thinks I'm GOOD. That was definitely a confidence booster for me, as it's hard to please him.

I'm so excited to be working with Tyler again this year in voice lessons. His wife (who is a contralto) is now teaching voice lessons on campus, so I considered moving to her studio. Plus, she's awesome and who wouldn't want to be Val's student?! Anyway, I felt, though, that Tyler really pushed me to find my soprano voice. I have a dark color and a wide vibrato, so most voice teachers have put me in the mezzo-soprano category. But the thing is... I can hit an E above the staff. Yes, folks. That is 3 ledger lines above the staff. B above the staff is a comfortable soprano note. I can hit it. Comfortably. I like singing low and jazzy in choirs because it pushes my range lower (I can sing tenor better than most tenors, lets be honest here), but I love crooning above the staff.

Ok, nerd moment over...

Bryan and I are putting together a small business plan so I can start teaching voice and piano lessons. I need to be singing every day, all the time. Teaching will help me do that :) I think we'll start small--just Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday teaching while I work part-time at the store and still go to school. When I get enough students, then I can go to work and tell them, "It's been real, but I'M OUTTA HERE!" (I'm still working on the exact script, but you get the idea).

Bryan is turning into a real freelancer. Yes, ladies and gent's:  He's made a COMMERCIAL. And, he just book ANOTHER commercial through the same advertising company. They really like him. Hopefully this means that he'll get all their small projects (6-8 per year) and then we'll be able to finally start saving for a new car, a condo, and a baby (not pregnant).

Here's the 30 second spot, if you haven't already seen it on TV:

Yes, my super awesome, amazingly talented hubby did that. I'm so proud :)

My family is going to Disneyland in October. My whole family. That's all 8 of my siblings, spouses, grandkids, and my cute parents. Bryan and I are trying to figure out if we're going or not. I really want to go, but money is tight and we're trying to figure out if it's just the right time.... I sure hope we can go. I love seeing my family and I don't get to see them very often. And plus, it's the happiest place on earth! Where Bryan and I honeymooned over 2 years ago!


  1. I just love you and your hubby. I'm glad you're finding success in your lives.

  2. This blog post was pretty awesome! I was reading it as if you were sitting in my chair again telling me THE WHOLE thing! :)