Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I guess I was worrying a little too much...

Last night went like this:

Bryan:  Have you checked out or kickstarter page today?
Me: I've been avoiding it all day, to be honest.
Bryan: Well, you should.
Me: Why can't you just tell me?
Bryan: You just need to see it for yourself.
Me: (walks over to laptop. Turns it on. Goes to kickstarter page) $1,000?!!!

Yes, people. It's crazy, but it's happening.

Be part of something BIG!
Make the pledge!

On to normal life things....

Work has been insane!
We're doing our big semi-annual sale right now and it has been the BUSIEST semi-annual sale I have been a part of in my 3 years at my job.
But it's been good because we need the business.

I miss school. The end.

Bryan's work is absolutely crazy, too. They have a bunch of shoots going on right now, locally and all over the country, and Bryan has been alone in the camera room for about 3 weeks now because his boss is shooting and his co-worker is on set with the boss.
Poor Bryan, he gets calls all the time from people asking about check-outs. But he doesn't mind. It just gives him more to do.

Lately, I've been listening to/reading the General Conference talks from this last April. I worked all day on that Saturday, so I never got to hear the talks. It has been a sweet blessing and experience reading the words of the prophets. It helps me know that the heavens are opened; that God did not and will not leave us alone. He wants to give us guidance and show us that he has infinite concern for us. I know that one of the ways our Father in Heaven does this for us is by giving us prophets and apostles who know the needs of the Church and of the world. They are good men who love God and the gospel.

Things are going... Just going. I hope I can keep up.


  1. you guys are so AWESOME! I love you and this. Thanks for your sweetness. :o)

  2. HOLY CRAP!! that is awesome. You'll definitely make your goal.