Saturday, June 30, 2012

There's a Birthday Boy in the House...

I feel like everything I've blogged about over the last few posts has been kinda mushy.

What can I say? I freakin' LOVE my super hot hubby! ;)


Speaking of that super attractive man I get to see every day....

His birthday is coming up! 


It's going to be action-packed and I'm feeling quite proud of myself for my plans.

I (unfortunately) have to work that morning, but that doesn't affect any of the madness!

I've got him 4 presents (which I will NOT announce on here because, believe it or not, he reads this!) which will be presented to the birthday boy throughout the day.

That evening at 5:30 pm. we will be going to the Desert Star Playhouse in Murray.

This is where we went on our first date 
(you'll have to scroll down to get to it. you'll see when you look at the post).

Yes, the same dinner theatre.

And, to make it EVEN BETTER, we're going with the same friends we doubled with almost 3 years ago!

I'm so excited!
Bryan's excited!
That's all that matters!

I love birthdays :)

Pictures will come following the madness of that day.
For now, enjoy this song that I dedicate to the birthday boy 
(He's gonna be a star someday. And I'll be his Debbie Reynolds. Yes, I'm being mushy again)

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