Friday, July 20, 2012

[Thursday] Things .... On Friday

Well, just a few things on my mind today. Hopefully I can sum up the week, considering I haven't posted in a while... Don't worry! I have a funny waiting at the end for you :)

- My manager is back from vacation and I've found my brain again! It's been quite lovely

- I'm starting to get used to the fact that our car no longer has air conditioning. As much as I don't like t, I'm getting used to it

- I need to find a good Alfredo Chicken pizza recipe. Or try ad make one up myself. I can't afford to go to CPK or Pizza Pie Cafe every time I want one...

- I've come to the realization that I am NOT a morning person. Heaven help me when I have children someday...

- I still have to post a pic of my new hair... I'll get to that

- I found out on Wednesday (?) that my 2nd oldest sister and her cute family are going to be here this weekend! Woot woot!!!

- Last night we saw The Dark Knight Rises as midnight... All in all, a little disappointing. I enjoyed it, it was entertaining. But just a little disappointing

- I get to see Wicked in Saturday with my 3rd oldest sister!!! I'M SO EXITED, I COULD DIE!!!!!!!

Anyway, happy Friday. Go find your hilarious friend to be with this weekend :)

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