Sunday, November 28, 2010

So, I kinda miss MY family.

I really love my husband's side. They're so awesome and kind and fun and generous and... Just downright AWESOME. I have the greatest in-laws ever, to be completely honest.

But this Thanksgiving, I really missed my family. When I hugged my little sister, it made me wish that she wasn't the only sibling I would be hugging this year. But, alas, it is quite expensive driving to Arizona. I miss it... A lot. Especially right now. I wish I could walk outside without needing to wear snow boots. I wish I could still picnic. I didn't think that being in actual winter climate would be so bad, but... Yeah. Just not my cup of cocoa.

I really miss my mom. And my dad. Being far away AND recently married is totally stinky. Why? Because not only am I a 12 hour drive from my parents, but I have no money to make that drive. We're barely living paycheck-to-paycheck as is.

But Thanksgiving was really good this year, overall. We had so much fun with Bryan's family and with our friends. I was really sad when Kylie had to leave on Friday instead of staying the whole weekend, but that's okay. I got over it.


  1. Aw I'm sorry, Kelsey! I've only had ONE holiday EVER without my family and I missed them like crazy. Will you get to come down for Christmas???

  2. I wish I could give you a trip to go see your family! I miss my family like crazy but I can't imagine how you feel :( If it makes you feel better I miss you :)

  3. I completely understand. It's the worst. I'm like Heidi I wish I could give you that trip. I remember how hard that was, to be so far away especially during the holidays. My heart aches with the memories.
    But I am so stinkin excited you are here!!! I'm going to have so many sisters this Christmas, I can't wait!