Monday, November 1, 2010

Mailbag to begin the "Thankful" season :)

Dear hubby,
Thank you for writing me cute little love notes! I love you.
Love, wifey

Dear Work,
Thanks for giving me so many hours this next week. Although I'm very tired, I'm glad that I'm staying busy.
Love, me

Dear Fall,
Thanks for coming back after those couple of days of snow. I missed you. You know that you're my favorite time of year, right? Just so beautiful... :)
Love, Me

Dear God,
Thanks for making me feel better all the time.
Love, Your daughter

Dear Puffs Extra Strong Tissues,
Thank you for being on sale at Wal-Mart so I could partake in your comforting goodness. You have surely soothed my running nose :)
Much love, me

Dear Car,
Don't give up! We'll be fixing you soon! You've done so good!
Love, Bryan and Kelsey

Dear Piano,
This whole me-not-playing thing is going to be stopping soon because of that whole audition thing I've got going on in the winter. I'm coming back soon.
Love, me

Dear Bed,
Make room! I'm coming in!
Love, me

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