Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I need to do some venting...

Okay, so it's not ANGRY venting. I just need to openly talk about how I feel....

So, my boss (the owner of the store I work at) is kind of crazy. Well, he's like a good person, just not the best boss in the world. As in, he curses at us, gets mad easily ( like REALLY easily ) and I just feel like he doesn't express himself very well.
Anyway, so I get guilt tripped REALLY easily. Like, if you tell me that you didn't like the sandwich I made you for lunch that day, I'll feel bad about it for like three days. No joke. I'm serious.
So, my boss called our store three times today and I was involved in some way or other with all those calls and he cursed TO me (not at me, but TO me) twice in one sentence. Yeah. Sometimes I wish I could tell him that I don't appreciate his cursing, but he's kinda scary. So, continuing, he called two more times upset, and then he sent me a kinda angry email. It was only one line, but as I read it, I could hear him saying it and that didn't help at all.
So, the reason why I need to vent is because I hate crying over how my boss treats me. And the thing is, I know he doesn't realize how all of us feel about it because all of us just put a face on in front of him and then when he leaves, we all basically break down in whatever way we do. Personally, I end up crying and ranting to my husband. It's never good. And then I have nightmares about it. Dead serious. Nightmares. About work. never good.
I just pray everyday that God will touch my boss's life that way he can have some peace and have a good head when things go wrong. I literally pray for him BY NAME. I'm just glad that God answers my prayers. But it's still hard on those days when my boss doesn't let the spirit touch him and he just... GOES. :(
Sad day.

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