Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Christmas letter

Hello Family and Friends!

We decided to keep things simple this year and just give you the highlights of what was our 2011:

  1. We took our first Family Picture! (Of course, this is a highlight mostly for Kelsey, but it's going to stay on here anyway)
  2. Instead of doing something normal, we spent a morning in the air for our first anniversary. Yep, we went hot air ballooning!
  3. The wedding of the year! We were the Best Man and Bride's Matron to Bryan's brother, Matthew, and his wonderful bride, Leah. What an honor it was! We love them so much!
  4. Kelsey joined the community theatre scene and was a featured dancer in the SCERA Shell Theatres production of Aida.
  5. As much as we loved Wymount, we needed a change of scenery. So, we moved to Orem.
  6. Bryan spent a whole night filming the Gethsemane scene for our Church's New Testament Project. Poor soul, his life is so hard.
  7. Battlescars, camo, and a new gun later, we have become paintball enthusiasts.
  8. Kelsey got her Associate's degree in the summer and is now on campus at Utah Valley University. She's loving being able to sing again. . . And not taking online courses!
  9. We went to Yellowstone for the T. Family Reunion. This being Kelseys first time at the National Park, it became quite the event. Not to mention the great company!
  10. Thanksgiving was spent in sandals, shorts, and 75 degree weather. Arizona treated us well while we ate, sang songs, watched movies, and shot some guns with Kelseys family.

As many things highlight our year, there is one thing that will always highlight our lives: Our Savior, Jesus Christ. We wish you all a wonderful holiday and pray for the best of the New Year!


Bryan and Kelsey

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  1. Your Christmas letter is cute! Kind of similar to mine, I just did bullet points for both of us!