Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mailbag. Yes, I'm doing it again.

Dear Mailbag,
I agree with Annie when I say, thank you for being so easy to do when just writing a post is so difficult to do.
Love, Me

Dear Bike,
Thank you for coming into my life! I'm now having motivation to do something constructive with my life! But why are your handlebars loose? I can't avoid all those bumps in the road so you'll just have to suck it up and keep straight.
Love, Me

Dear Mail,
Thank you for bringing me all of my birthday cards. You should keep this up. It makes me feel very special :)
Love, Me

Dear Purse,
I should probably clean you out. You've been getting really crowded lately and most of the time I can't find my wallet... That's a problem. So, be expecting a little visit from the cleaning fairy soon.
Love, Cleaning Fairy

Dear Halloween,
You should start telling stores to put out costumes for adults! You're my favorite holiday and this is the first year I haven't had a costume in mind before my birthday. I need some help here!
Thanks! Me

Ps Halloween, come faster :)

Dear Gas Prices,
Why are you so high? Don't you realize how often I go up to Bountiful to visit my family? I can't keep doing that if I can't afford getting there... Geez...
Love, Me

Dear Hair,
Why don't you figure out how to 'do' yourself? You're such a pain!
Love, Me

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  1. I want a picture of bike! I love you.