Monday, August 30, 2010

So, I'm taking a little dose of Annie in my life...

My dear friend from BYU-I, Annie, does this thing called a mailbag. I'm going to take a stab at it. If it fails, I shall never do it again! If it's not so bad... I still may never do it again lol.

Dear birthday shoes,
I know that Bryan wants to wait and give you to me on my birthday, but I really want to see you. So, me thinks you should just come out of your little packaging and we'll start our beautiful friendship.
Love, Me

Dear BYU,
Thank you for accepting my husband. But NO THANKS for declining me. But, I thought you should know that I'm going to try applying ONE MORE TIME! YES! I WON'T BE STRICKEN DOWN SO EASILY!!!
Love, Me

Dear BYU Film and Media Job Guys,
I just thought you should know that you suck. :)
Love, Me

Dear New Navy Nike Jacket,
Thank you for sneaking into one of our orders so I could have you for free. You're very warm and very comfy. I have a feeling we'll be hanging out a lot.
Love, Me

Dear Pay Check,
Please come to me faster. I have to pay rent Wednesday.
Love, Me

Dear BYU-I Class Registration,
Please open up some of your classes again. I only have 9 credits until I get my AA degree. It would help me out a lot.
Love, Me

Dear Laziness,
Love, Me

Dear bed,
You and I both know that I need to stop sleeping with you so much. Yes, I do enjoy sleeping in til 9:30, but this has GOT to stop.
Love, Me

Okay, Annie... how'd I do?


  1. Me likey!
    You're adorable, Kelsey! :)

  2. That was awesome! What a great idea. Your friend Annie is a smart cookie. Very cute post. I hope your messages are answered in the way you want them to be. ;)