Saturday, June 26, 2010

Married now

Well, I'm a married woman now! Very happily for 2 WHOLE weeks! :) I know, such a milestone. lol. But it really has been so fun and wonderful. I really do feel like I'm married to my best friend and the greatest man I have ever known. The downside of all this bliss is, I've wanted to go back on our honeymoon since I started work again :(
We went to Southern California and did Disneyland, California Adventure, The Pirate Dinner Adventure, the LA temple, and Santa Monica beach. I want it all back; the food, the fun, everything. I want to get married every weekend so I can celebrate like I did and go on a fun honeymoon like I got to.
The wedding, luncheon, reception, and open house were all amazing and gorgeous. I would have to say that our sealing was my favorite part. I cannot say why, but it was. There is nothing like that feeling.
Everything was just so beautiful! I can't even describe! When I get pictures, I might just end up looking at them every day for the rest of my little life! It made me so happy. I wish I could go back.

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