Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So, I kinda LOVE my friends :)

Tonight, I had a girls night with a few of the girls I got really close to while I was doing Aida over the summer. Let's just say, I have missed them terribly and I just love them so much! They're so awesome! Part of me feels young around them because they have so much life experience and good advice and positive attitudes. They're so uplifting from the day-to-day (not that my super hot husband is not uplifting, but sometimes you need your friends to cheer you up). Listening and laughing and venting was just so awesome! And it was with people I really relate to. It's not that my school friends aren't awesome, but most of them are either a lot younger than me (I say alot, but they're only like 3 years younger than me) or just single and filled with drama. And not the drama I like to be involved with. That sounds terrible, but sometimes I just don't care. lol. But yeah.

I just love my friends :)

Now to go research Irish music **does jig**

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  1. hahhahahaa. I love you girls!! The FOUR musketeers!!!!