Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm Kelsey, and I suck at life.
Well.... Blogging. Yes, I suck at blogging. I honestly love it, but I'm terrible at keeping up! I can never figure out why!

As a little update to our busy life, Bryan is doing fantastic! He's working on two commercials right now--on his own! Yep! Ladies and 'Gents, my cute hubby is doing his own production work! He's excited but still kinda... I'm not sure how to describe it. Stress? Anxiety? idk. Meh, whatever! He's living the dream :)

Me, on the other hand, I'm just cruising along with school. I'm come to reason with the fact that it's going to be about 3 years instead of 1.5 years before I graduate, but I'm doing what I love and I love what I do! My voice teacher has been away since the end of October doing The Barber of Seville in Beijing, China. (Poor soul, his life is so hard... NOT!) He comes back after Thanksgiving and honestly, I'm SO HAPPY. I've been practicing every day and working on my music, but I'm just ready to have him back. Other than that, work is work and all that jazz.

So, in ONE WEEK... Bryan and I are trekking down to Phoenix to see my family for Thanksgiving. I honestly can't tell you how happy I am to be (1) getting out of Utah and (2)getting away from the cold and bracing myself for snow. 70 degrees, here we come!

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  1. My name is Stacy Goulding and I approve this blog post.