Sunday, March 20, 2011


This weekend was a CRAZY weekend.
But so totally fun and worth it.

After Bryan and I got to Bountiful on Friday night, it felt like I went immediately to work. I had to bake chocolate cake cookies (cake batter, 2-3 eggs, 1/3 C of oil. Mix. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes. That easy), chocolate chip cookies that I personally felt super embarrassed about how crappy they were, and a chocolate cake (that never got eaten) for Saturday.
Tylene came over and kept me company while I baked and started to lose my mind. I felt so worried about what the decorations were going to end up like.
My brother-in-law is getting married to probably one of the sweetest, cutest girls I have met! And... She's AFRICAN! Like, a LEGIT African! From Lesotho (The country in South Africa)!
Anyway, I wanted it to have a little African flair, but I felt like I didn't know where to start... So, I just started.
Cream tablecloth
Red Runner
Brown napkins and plates.
Raised platter.
Basotho hat? Of course
Little giraffes? Always
Little red pom poms? That'll tie it in.

I was very proud. I'll see if I can get the picture from my mother-in-law.
When my husband got back from setting up for the bachelor party, he looked at the table and said, "Oh, Grandma's done it again! She's so good with centerpieces!" at which my mother-in-law responded, "Uhhh no. That was your wife."
And do you know what he said???
He said, "REALLY?!!"
Yeah. He was surprised. I don't know exactly how I feel about his reaction, but I'll take it I guess....

Then Saturday morning came: The Lovely Day.
Leah went through the temple. It was such an awesome experience being with her. We had a few people walk up to us afterwards and tell us that they knew exactly who the groom was because of the smile that was on Matthew's face the WHOLE SESSION.
It was fun :)

The bridal shower was a HUGE success! I had a lot of people tell me how fun it was (which was the goal)! But, I have to give props to my awesome help Vee, Lou, Grandma, and Mom! :)

I stayed up way too late at the Bachelorette party, but it was still super fun :) But, because I was up so late, my voice was kinda scratchy when I sang in church on Sunday.

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  1. You did so awesome!! Thanks for all your hard work.
    And I think the comment from B is because his sisters don't do much of that. We just leave it to Grandma. So he's not used to expecting it. That is some awesome talent though. I thought Grandma had done it as well. It looked so beautiful. I'm excited you have that talent, that will be a blessing!