Sunday, October 24, 2010


So, we filmed this weekend and it was a FREAKIN' BLAST!!! It was different for me because last time we made a movie together, I was acting. This time, I was part of the crew and it was just as much fun if not MORE fun! I loved being in that environment and I loved seeing my cute hubby in his element. I was so grateful for everyone who came and helped, too. There was SUCH a good turn-out and we got it done ahead of schedule. Good times. Great oldies. Pics coming soon; just one pic, actually. We never really got around to taking tons of pictures, but if anything I want to post the final movie on here for my readers' enjoyment... For those of you who actually read my blog... Which there are not very many, but NONETHELESS! I am grateful :)
I wore my Jack Skelington dress to church today in honor of Halloween (see picture from honeymoon for what I am talking about). Sharon noticed it and made me feel cool :)
I should be hearing back about my job interview sometime this week. I need to buck up the courage and talk to my manager about my hours because if I don't get this other job, I need to get a new job altogether... Which scares me... A lot.

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