Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've never been a "New Year's Resolution" type of person

But this year, that's changing.

My sweet husband is a SUPER GOAL MAKER! No really. He is.
Anyway, so I decided that this year I would make a few goals that I know I can attain or at least get close to attaining. I read this talk not too long ago that was pretty awesome. It's called "Go For It!" by M. Russell Ballard. And... I loved it! It really put a new perspective on goal-making for me.
I always felt like if I made a goal, I was more likely to fail. I felt this way with almost every goal I made! (I'm super hard on myself; something I need to work on). But this talk that I read just helped me out so much!
Elder Ballard said that we need to make righteous goals that lift us up, but those goals also need to be ones that we know we can attain.
I needed it in simple terms to realize that I needed the confidence to attain those goals!
I'm retarded. Simply put.
Anyway, I made a few goals. And I'm hoping that I can attain them by the end of this year.

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